Our Range of Services

We have decades long relationships with private and institutional lenders who understand the market and understand the needs of individual borrowers.

First Mortgages

The requirements of conventional lenders are as strict as they have ever been. Let us walk you through ongoing rule changes and how they affect you personally.

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Second Mortgages

A Second Mortgage is a charge registered against the title of your home in the second position behind your first or existing mortgage. They are often very easy and simple to qualify for.

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Are you revamping or building from scratch? A Building Loan is a home financing solution that enables you to build a new home or carry out renovations on an existing property.

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Emergency Funds

Do you require a quick cash coan? Fast application and quick payout makes this your best option in a cash emergency. In this situation, you can use one of the many emergency cash loans available.

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Self-employment is becoming more and more prominent in Canada. We are entrepreneurial and very hard working. The problem is that it is also becoming more and more difficult for self-employed persons to get a mortgage.

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Recently moved to Canada and find yourself seeking a loan? The Newcomer Loan is designed to assist newcomers and/or long time immigrants with the flexibility to invest.

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Bankruptcy/Weak Credit

We understand that anyone can fall on hard times or get caught up in circumstances beyond their control. Going bankrupt or having weak credit is not always a measure of who you are.

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Debt Consolidation

Reduce your monthly payments by up to 75%! One of the main reasons clients contact our office is to consolidate debt. High interest rate loans and credit cards can be an overwhelming juggling act.

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Tax Arrears

If you happen to fall into property tax arrears or if the Canada Revenue Agency is chasing you for unpaid taxes you should be contacting our office as soon as possible!

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Power of Sale

People fall on hard times for any number of reasons. We do not judge, we do not discriminate. We believe people should be treated with dignity no matter what the circumstances.

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