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Debt Consolidation Accumulated debt? We are here to help you decrease your monthly payments in a shorter time.

Consolidate your debt today

One of the main reasons clients contact our office is to consolidate debt. High interest rate loans and credit cards can be an overwhelming juggling act. You never had any intentions of accumulating so much debt but an emergency purchase here, a tuition payment there or a much needed renovation on your home and before you know it you’re carrying several balances with large monthly payments that never seem to pay down the balance.

We can help you consolidate your debt into one easy payment at drastically reduced interest rates.

Reduce Interest Rates

If refinancing the existing mortgage is not possible or if the penalty is too high, this is the next best alternative for you. You’ll be able to access your home equity without even re-negotiating your first mortgage.

Improve Credit Score

Using the equity in your home to upgrade a kitchen, bathroom, add a new roof or finish that dream basement. Selling a home can be expensive after considering the costs involved.

Decrease in Monthly Payments

You can start paying off high-interest credit cards and loans, while keeping the first mortgage in place. You can reduce your monthly payments by up to 75%.

Home Based Equity

Has something happened in your life all of a sudden? Maybe you need emergency money to help a family member, pay for unexpected expenses, or pay your CRA bill, or for your business.

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