Self Employed

Self-employment is becoming more and more prominent in Canada. We are entrepreneurial and very hard working. The problem is that it is also becoming more and more difficult for self-employed persons to get a mortgage, even with good credit. Typically, a major bank will only give you a loan up to a maximum of 65% LTV.

Better Option Mortgage works with Self-employed individuals to find alternatives to banks at competitive interest rates or provide you with secondary financing to supplement an existing bank mortgage.

Refinancing Options

If refinancing the existing mortgage is not possible or if the penalty is too high, this is the next best alternative for you. You’ll be able to access your home equity without even re-negotiating your first mortgage.

Home Renovations

Using the equity in your home to upgrade a kitchen, bathroom, add a new roof or finish that dream basement. Selling a home can be expensive after considering the costs involved.

Debt Consolidation

You can start paying off high-interest credit cards and loans, while keeping the first mortgage in place. You can reduce your monthly payments by up to 75%.

Temporary Funding

Has something happened in your life all of a sudden? Maybe you need emergency money to help a family member, pay for unexpected expenses, or pay your CRA bill, or for your business.

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