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Our Range Of Services

  • Debt Consolidation

    Reduce your monthly payments by up to 75%! One of the main reasons clients contact our office is to consolidate debt. High interest rate loans and credit cards can be an overwhelming juggling act.

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  • Power of Sale

    People fall on hard times for any number of reasons. We do not judge, we do not discriminate. We believe people should be treated with dignity no matter what the circumstances.

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  • Tax Arrears

    Not sure if you owe money or are unable to pay? If you happen to fall into property tax arrears or if the Canada Revenue Agency is chasing you for unpaid taxes you should be contacting our office as soon as possible!

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  • Renovations

    Are you revamping or building from scratch and need extra finance? A Building Loan is a home financing solution that enables you to build a new home or carry out renovations on an existing property.

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  • First Mortgages

    The requirements of conventional lenders are as strict as they have ever been. Let us walk you through ongoing rule changes in first mortgages and how they affect you personally.

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  • Second Mortgages

    A Second Mortgage is a charge registered against the title of your home in the second position behind your first or existing mortgage. They are often very easy and simple to qualify for.

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  • Emergency Funds

    Do you require a quick cash coan? Fast application and quick payout makes this your best option in a cash emergency. In this situation, you can use one of the many emergency cash loans available in Canada.

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  • Newcomers

    Recently moved to Canada and find yourself seeking a loan? The Newcomer Loan is designed to assist newcomers and/or long time immigrants with the flexibility to invest in their home or new/existing businesses.

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  • Self-Employed

    Self-employment is becoming prominent in Canada. We are entrepreneurial and very hard working. The problem is that it is also becoming more and more difficult for self-employed persons to get a mortgage.

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  • Bankruptcy

    Find out what your options are when you’re bankrupt and need a loan – there are loans available. See if you’re eligible and how to apply. We’ve helped thousands of borrowers achieve their home loan happiness.

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We are specialists in equity financing

Better Option Mortgage has been helping borrowers in Ontario since 1983. We have always recognized the fact that a significant percentage of potential borrowers cannot qualify with traditional banks due to various circumstances. We see that most people looking for a mortgage have good intentions but just cannot meet the strict guidelines of the banks.

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Working with borrowers in Ontario for over 30 years

Our ability to help and advise borrowers to weather the storm during economic downturns and temporary setbacks puts us head and shoulders above our competition. We have decades long relationships with private and institutional lenders who understand the market and understand the needs of individual borrowers.

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  • “I have been dealing with Robert for the past 6 years. He has arranged 4 mortgages for me in that time period. I keep going back to him because he is extremely knowledgeable, he doesn’t waste time, he tells it like it is and he never gouges you in fees. For every complicated deal I have brought to him he has always found a way to get it done.”
    Paul M
  • “Jim is the best there is, he is transparent and very quick. Jim is one of the most responsive people I have ever worked with. I had a somewhat complicated refinance and I can confidently say it would not have gotten done the way it did if it was anyone else but him. I am quite confident if another opportunity arises Jim will be the broker of my choice.”
    Alex J
  • “We were a financial mess when we contacted Better Option Mortgage. They came up with a gameplan and were amazing to work with. They really invest themselves in getting you back on track financially.”
    Tami M
  • “Got a small 2nd mortgage with Better Option Mortgage and worked with Jim Jeffrey. Very efficient! I needed funds quickly. He provided an immediate quote over the phone. Said he could wrap things up in 3 days. He is a man of his word. From initial application to funds in my hand was exactly 3 days.”
    Jonathan G
    Stoney Creek
  • “I don’t like surprises. I was working with another broker who changed the fees like 3 times. I finally gave up on the guy and called Better Option Mortgage. They quoted me a rate and fee when I called and assured me there would be no surprises. Everything went as agreed. No bait and switch here. The fee they quote is the fee they charge.”
    Jason H
  • “I can't thank Better Option Mortgage enough for saving our house. I was certain we were going to lose it to the bank. Robert walked me through the Power of Sale process and let me know my rights. It was obvious he has been doing this a long time. Robert was above to get me a new lender to pay out the bank and the payment was close to what I was paying the bank.”
    Maria M