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Applying for a First Mortgage

The requirements of conventional lenders are as strict as they have ever been. Recent new “Stress Test” rules implemented by the federal government are now taking their toll on new home purchasers as well as those looking to refinance their home.

Let us walk you through ongoing rule changes and how they affect you personally. Better Option Mortgage’s extensive portfolio of institutional and private lenders enables us to arrange financing for those who may no longer meet the requirements of the conventional lenders.

Many of the borrowers who contact us are having trouble meeting some of the criteria that conventional lenders require to qualify for a loan. Often this is the result of:

Inability To Verify Income

A Recent Bankruptcy

Poor Credit History

Better Option Mortgage prides itself in its ability to help borrowers meet these criteria or find other lenders where criteria is not as strict or the lender enables the borrower to meet the criteria in a more realistic manner.

We counsel our clients on how to meet the criteria for 1st mortgages with conventional lenders. Often this isn’t as cut and dried as the lender would have you believe. We also have an extensive and expanding portfolio of sub prime and private lenders which enables us to provide alternate solutions to this problem.

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